Some of our visitors:  Apr/May. 2009

Ashley and James

Dawson is back for vacation!

Aw, here is Dawson with dew in his whiskers. Too cute!

Hmmmmm, wonder what that is?

Woo Hoo, I love playing with Tazzi!

Pretty boy

Buddy and Maggie are here for a vacation. Here they are with Oakley.

Everyone is out for a morning walk.

Oakley loves to roll in the grass when it is sunny and warm outside.

Oakley is here just for the night.

Ahhhhh, I love the sunshine!

Hey, is that fun? Can I try it too?

Oh, that is fun.....feels good too!

Hey, you guys want to play?

Come on, let's play!

Hey, wanna sing.....???

I will share my stick with you....

Then how about a little kiss.............

...and then I said........

OK, so I'm Mr. Personality too!!

Dolly and Elvira are back for vacation!


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