Some of our visitors:  Apr. 2009

Sophie is here with her pal Pip. I just got pix of her today.

Nano and Pip playing

James wants to play too!

I knew I could fly if I tried hard enough!!

OK, now my dogs aren't too spoiled and Toby fits right in!
But it's cold outside!! Brrrrrrrrrrr

Everybody is playing now!

ChaCha is here for the first time and I haven't been able to get many pix of her because the weather has been SO bad! It snowed today, April 14!

Well, it finally got a bit nicer this afternoon so we were able to stay out a bit.

Having fun!

Can I go in and play with the little chickies???

I wanna play with a real chickie, not that wood thing!!

We have recently added chicks to the group here at the Animal House. My plan is to have fresh eggs as well as to raise some of the more rare breeds. It is amazing how many many breeds of chickens there are.
These little ones are about six weeks old and are quite the characters.

James being his usual sweet self.

Scooter is here for the week. He loves to have his crate in the window so he can look out and watch the world go by.

Scooter and his "buddy"

Scooter is a huge kitty and he is so sweet. He would let the little boys in with him if his crate were on the floor. He loves watching them when they are in the kennel.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, should I get that or not???

Abby is back for a few days. She does love her ball!!

I dare you to get it! Come on!

OK, if you move I am going to pounce!!

I love being able to run and play in the sun with my friends here at Animal House!

Ashley is back. What a sweetie!!
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