Some of our visitors:    Feb. 2008

Harley and Josie
Josie is very careful playing with the smaller dogs but Harley is very able to take care of himself.

OK Bub, this is the way i's gonna be!

Jango is back for the day. He is almost all grown up now.

Jango is such a pretty color

Jango and Toby. They are both her for the day. Jango is a Yorkie
and Toby is a Silkie.

Jersey is back for winter vacation. She and Josie like each other.

Jersey and Josie

Jersey drinking out of the "swimming pool"

Josie playing with Harley and BJ

Queen Tazzi being aloof

Pretty little Sam is back

Bo, Sam and Josie

Beau and Sam. They turned out to be friends.

Sam and Sarah in the sunshine

Hey, I kind of like these little guys!

Jersey and Harley

Fun in the February sun!

Jersey is settled in now after a few visits and is enjoying
playing with the other dogs.

Well, so much for the sun!

Guess who loves to play in the snow!

Such a silly girl.

HI Mom and Dad!! I am having a good time. Nice sunshine today with my friend Queen Tazzi! Hope you are having fun too!!

The sun feels so good standing right next to the snow. It's nice and warm.

Strollin with my pal.....

Hey! A guy's gotta go sometime!!

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