Some of our visitors:    Feb. 2008

Now this is a face that anyone would love!!

BJ and Millie playing in the kennel. They really like each other.

OK, this is my bone. Gina said so!

OK, this has to be one of the most gorgeous pix of Millie!
She loves to go out and play while Maddie would rather stay inside with Queen Tazzi who is suddenly too good to go out and play in the snow!

We had a sunny day today and one of the neighbor dogs was howling. Of course Queen Tazzi and BJ had to check it out!

Opie is back for winter vacation so we were able to get out in the sun! Unfortunately both my cameras batteries died so I wasn't able to get many pix!

Rocky was here today but he was upset because his "mom" had to go to the hospital.

Harley is back for winter vacation!

It's kind of cold to be out playing but we did get some time in today.

This is BJ doing what little weiners do. He is looking for moles!

BJ found a squeeky toy~

Uh, excuse me but this is my toy!

Trotter is back too!

Opie and BJ playing

Sarah is back and Trotter really likes to play with her.

Look at me mom, I'm BIG!!

This is such a nice pic of Opie

Playing by the swimming pool!

Beau is back for winter break!

Just enjoying the sun!

Harley and Oakley

Oakley is here for the day

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