Some of our visitors:    Dec. 2008

Rudy drinking out of the doggie swimming pool!

This is Gracie, she belongs to Princess.
This is her first time here.

This is Princess in her litter box. Another kitty that loves
her litter box!

Gracie is still a kitten. Isn't she a cutie?

Princess likes the doggies and will get right down on the floor with them.

Beau is back for a few days. What a cute face!

This is Beau meeting Rudy. Rudy is just too exhuberant to be out with the small dogs.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, which ball do I want to play with??
This is Maddies little sister Millie. She is just the cutest puppy and she talks up a blue storm!

Millie and Maddie are just here for the day but will be back next week for two weeks! Tazzi is SO happy!

All this playing is just too exhausting!
Maddie on the left and Millie on the right. Are these two spoiled or what?
Of course we continue to spoil them here!!

Beau is back for the day. He is such a serious little guy!

Maddie and Millie are back!

Titus is here for the weekend. It was foggy and cold today so he had to wear a coat. He has very short hair. Isn't he cute?

We played in the kennel building because it was too cold outside.

Titus and Millie playing.

Aw come on James, let's play!

Tyler and Millie outside
Isn't he just a regal looking doggie?

Aftermath of playing all day!

Wha da ya want????? We're tryin to get some sleep!


BJ is back!
Uh, Gina.......can I have this bone, please please???

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