Some of our visitors:    Dec. 2008

Sarah in the kennel for play time.

Nova does love the snow!

Is this too cute or what?

Nova and my sweetie doggie Nacho

Tazzi got a new toy!

The little boys new Bear
Jack and Nacho
Very cute!

Sarah got her new toy!

Nova has his!

Tazzi now wants Novas toy. She never has enough!

James on the left, then Jack and then Nacho

I'm really sorry I got so dirty, I was just having so much
fun playing in the snow.
Oops! Guess who needs a bath.

Sampson enjoying a lounge on the couch on New Years Day.

January 2nd. Snow again. Jango is deciding if he wants to go out in the snow.

It turns out Jango loves the snow. He was just one big snow ball when he game in.

Jango with some of the toys. Is that a cute face or what??

This is Rudy. He is about a year old. He looks to me like a
german shepherd/great dane cross.

Here he is checking out the kennel. It is miserable and rainy outside so we came back in pretty quick. Doesn't he have a beautiful brindle coat?

It's a pretty nice day today so Rudy is out playing.

More play time!

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