Some of our visitors:    Dec. 2008

Well, this is Sunday, Dec 14 and look at the new snow!
Blue is in heaven!

Now this is what I like to see, a very happy doggie!!

Blue and Jersey playing!

Jersey and Blue

Woo hoo! This is great fun!

Jersey is having a great time too!

Too darn cold to play outside so Jersey is in the house with us.

We had a few minutes of sun so Toby took advantage of it and
stayed on the front porch for a while where is was warm.

Nova is back! He is a West Highland Terrier. He loves thesnow! He really didn't want to come back in but it is too cold for me outisde!

Novas friend Duke is here too. He is on the right. My parrot "Baby" is on the left. He thinks Duke is a girl!!

12/20/08 We are expecting a really bad wind storm later today and through the night with hurricane velocity gusts so this will sure be interesting since our power always goes out during these wind storms. I guess the kennel doggies are going to have to join us in the house and stay warm.

Sarah came today too. She loves the snow and loves to play.


Jersey wants to play ball
Sarah and Nova had to check out the inside of the chain link kennel that is going to be the chicken house.

Ok, how about now, I'll be really good in the kennel......

We can't play outside too much today so the poor babies are in the crates. They do get to go out for short times fairly often and we do play in the kennel building as well.

Now is that sad or what? He really wants to play outside.

Well, this is a lot more fun!

Here is Nova in the covered play yard.