Some of our visitors: Nov. 2008

Toby had a surprise this week when he came to stay for a couple of days. He met Ernie my tortoise.

Here are Toby and Ernie in the kitchen waiting for dinner.

Sophie is back and this time she brought he pal Pip with her.

Pip is back with his pal Sophie.

Here we go with kitties sleeping in the litter box again!

Maddie was thinking she might find that darn squirrel up in the tree!

Trotter is back!

Trotter and James

Trotter and Tazz playing

This is Tasha with Pip. This is Sashas first time here.

\ Isn't she a pretty girl? She is blind but gets along
just as if she could see.

This isTasha meeting James with Tazzi looking on.

Tasha doing her morning exercises!

Such a pretty girl

Saki is back for Thanksgiving vacation!

Isn't she a pretty little girl?

Pip saying hello to Saki. It was sunny but very cold today so
we didn't get much chance to play outside.

Tinka is here for the weekend. She is such a beautiful dog.

Tazzi and Tinka are best friends!

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