Some of our visitors: Oct 2008

This weekends gang
Dawson, Oakley, Abby and Tia

Tia and Oakley have been here at the same time before
so they are buddies.

November  2008

Buddy and Maggie are back for a few days.


Hercules and Dolly

Hercules and Tutti are back. Look at that big smile! it OK to play with these big guys??

Teensy little Tuddi

Hey, nice to meet you Maggie!

Doesn't Elvira just blend into the color of the leaves? So pretty.
It has been rainy and dark so I haven't been able to get any really good photos of the dogs.

Elvira and her toy

The rain was so bad today that we played in the kennel building.

Elvira loves to play ball

If I was just a little taller, I could reach that toy!

Now it's Dollys turn

Exploring the kennel. What fun!

Chloe and Opie meet Bo

Bo is here for the weekend!

Isn't this a great photo? Chloe looks so pretty in the leaves!

Here's little Opie in the leaves. The pups love to play in the leaves.

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