Some of our visitors: Oct 2008

We have new visitors today. BJ is back and brought his two sisters with him.
l to r  ....   Dawson, Tilly, BJ, and Tonka

Tonka is a Tibetan terrier mix. Isn't she cute?

This is Tilly. She is a Maltese mix. What a darling face!

 This is BJ with Dawson. The pic isn't the greatest but I love the expression on their faces!         

Dawson is so excited that he has new friends to play with.
     BJ is Tazzis buddy!
You just can't get a bad photo of BJ!

Wait a minute! I want to look at the ball too!

Now this is a very cute doggie don't you think?

Tilly playing

This is Dawson laying in my very tall grass.
BJ has found a neat new hidey hole for his toys. Here you can see him retrieving his toy, bringing it out of hiding and looking to see if anyone is watching who might find out about his hiding place.

BJ guarding his corral

After some discussion BJ decided to let Dawson into "his" corral which is near his hiding place.

BJ dropped his guard just long enough for Dawson to steal his toy!

Abby is here for the day. I was kind of dark out so my camera didn't work very well.

Abby playing with Dawson. He is so happy that she will
play with him.

Oakley came today too. She is here for a few days.

Abby and Tazzi

Tia is back. Doesn't she look cute in her sweater?

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