Some of our visitors:

Your turn to come and find me!
Truffles and Jax playing.

Well goodness me, what is that?

Don't you think I am just so cute?

Jake playing with his ball.


Tazzi likes her new look alike friend! She thinks he's awesome!

Three Amigos 

Truffles and Jax playing

Me and my buddy....
Truffles and Tazzi

I am having so much fun here!


Aw, come on, let's play some more!

This is Felix. He is a huge guy and so sweet. He is Jakes pal.

Felix exploring the kennel.

Who would have thought these two would be pals!
Jake and James

Now Jack, that is waaaay too big a kitty for a little Chihuahua.

Toby gave up trying to play with this ball. 

Just a strollin'

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