Some of our visitors:

Ashley is a cute little girl but it's hard to get a photo of her face!

Buddy and Maggie are back. I don't usually take
large dogs but these two have been coming for several
years and are so good I continue to take them.

OK, now don't be sniffin there!

Part of the Labor Day gang

Trotter is back for vacation! Is't he cute?

Oakley is back too for a few days!

Hot out today!


It is very rare to get a photo of Trotter sitting still!

Tia in the sun

Tia is back for vacation!

Boy that feels good!

The Yorkie/Silkie bunch

Toby and Maddie

Toby and Maddie

Tia and Maddie
I know this doesn't show their faces but I thought it was so cute

This is Rex. He is here for his first time. He turned his head just as I took the photo.

Chloe has a new pal living with her. He is a pup and his name is Opie.

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