Some of our visitors:

Harley and his ball

Harley on the famous burn pile

Hercules is here for the first time. What a cutie he is.

And this is Hercules friend Tutti

Hurcules smiling! Happy dogs!

Tutti is just the tiniest little thing. Too cute!

Jango wants to play with this big ball!

He's getting it!

This is Ruby. She is here for the first time. She is an American Eskimo dog. She is a happy girl.

Isn't she a pretty girl?

She loves playing with the other dogs.

Wouldn't you know that the smallest doggie here would
decide she really likes the biggest one?
This is Tutti and Pepi

This is Pepi. He is here for the first time too.

Ruby streaking by....


Pepi meeting some of the gang!

Tutti is just so cute!

There's that little silly girl again!

We don't spoil them too much now do we?

Ashley is back for a couple of days.

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