Some of our visitors:

This is my neighbors dog, I have been feeding and checking on him this weekend and I couldn't resist taking a pic of this face!!

AWWWWW, too cute. His name is Snoopy.

Maddie is here for vacation and she loves to play with Tazzi and vice versa!

This is Ray Ray. It is his first time here. He's a real sweetie.

Ray Ray and Brody got to be friends.

Awwwwwwwwww, how can you resist that face?

Harleys back!


Nano is back for a few days

Harley is really a fun doggie

Nano and James

Jersey, James and Tazzi

Oh boy, here comes the sun!~!

Maddie came for the week

Maddie loves to play with Tazzi. She has been coming here
ever since she was a puppy so Tazzi is an old friend.

Aaargh, mean dogs!!

Maddie is such a cute doggie. She is a Silky Terrier

Jango is back for a few days. I hope I can get a good photo of his face this time. He is such a cutie!

Got it! Jango is a Yorkshire Terrier

Jango and James. Aren't they too cute?

Jango with the kids

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