Some of our visitors:

Sarah, Maggie, Blue and Jack

Oreo surverying the gang from the burn pile!

Blue and his ball. Doesn't he have a nice face?

Charlie is here for his first time. Isn't he a doll?

I just LOVE the little squish face dogs!!

This is how Titus looks most of the time, just a blur.
He is TOO fast!

Titus with a stuffy. He loves to play with them.

This is Buster, he is here for the first time. Isn't he cute?

I think this little guy is a basset hound mix.

Here he is posin'

Hot weather means laying out on the cool bricks

Pete stayed a few days when Buster was here.

This is Busters pal Pete

OK, can you tell which end is which????

Now you can tell.

Buster is enjoying his new friends.

Part of the weekend "gang"

Aren't these the cutest little doggies?

My little troops

This is called a "sniffover"

Jersey is back for vacation

Jersey is back and Brody and Tazz are saying hello!

Jangles meets Tazzi. He is here for the day for his first time. He is a little Yorkie and sooooooooo cute!

Well.............about three minutes after this burst of fun they were all plopped in the grass cooling off.
It is 90 degrees outside today.

Jangles meets Jack

Jangles found a way to be safe. His own private play pen.

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