Some of our visitors:

"Queen" Tazzi and her court!

Brody "Watching"

Isn't Harley a "Sporting" dog?

Playing soccer!

Harley likes to play tug of war!
How could you not love that face???

Opie is back for summer camp. There really is a dog in there!

Tazzi has to oversee everything.

Maddie is here for the day and this is Maddie and Tazzi playing under their favorite chair.

Opie. He has the softest coat. Isn't he cute?

My kids, Jack on the left, James next and Tazzi behind James

Here is Opie again. Something about our grass just gets these little
doggies to roll!

Opie sporting his windblown effect!

Trotter is back for summer camp! He is so happy to be here.

He is such a cutie!

Trotter and James

There goes that rolling thing again!

Opie and Trotter have become really good budies! They
have so much fun playing.

Tickle tickle!!

Beau is back for summer fun!

Beau and Trotter are becoming friends.

Beau meeting Blue. Blue is here for the weekend.

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