Some of our visitors:

This is BJ doing what little weiners do best!

Sarah is so happy to be back. Here she is in my burn pile.
All the doggies love to root through this.

Sarah and the little boys.

BJ is all tuckered out after all the running around with Ringo!

Ringo is a happy doggie

Sarah is such a cute dog and so happy all the time.

James is wishing for more sunny days and no more rain!

This is Nova, He is a West Highland Terrier. This is his first stay.

Nova and Ringo playing

 Such fun in the sun!

Nova, Ringo and BJ

What big teeth you have my dear!

      The rough and tumble gang

Sarah and BJ

Ahhhhhhhh, feeling good on the tummy!

This is Harley, he is here for the first time and is having
so much fun!

These doggies don't know how to do anything but play!

Sarah, Harley and Nova

Finally got a good pic of Harley. He usually has his nose to the ground.

Nova with one of the kitty toys. Is that cute or what??

This is Brody, he was here last year when he was just a puppy
and hasn't he grown up to be a pretty dog?

He and Tazzi were really concentrating hard on something!
More photos on next page.....

Nava and Tazzi in a stand off!

Hey, what should we do next?

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