Some of our visitors:

I thought this was so funny. They were all walking along in single file.
Oreo last, then Jax, then Tyler and then Mable.

Oscar was here for a few days but I couldn't get a good photo because it was raining all the time.

This is Opie, he is here for the first time and already having fun. Havanese are such happy doggies!

Look at that coat!!

Tinka and Oakley are here too.

Oh that feels so good!

Now this is relaxation!

A little more on this side please

Please give me another warm day.

I am just going to take a little nap.

OK, are we getting a theme here?? Does it look like the first sunny day in a long time? The only
pix I could get today is of doggies laying down.

Queen Tazzi

We have had a great few days of sun and the dogs are loving it.

BJ is back for pre summer camp.......Do you think he looks happy?

And some more rolling!

And yet some more rolling! I would say this is a happy dog!

BJ with Nacho and Jack in the background

This is Ringo. It is his first time here. Isn't he cute?

Now those are cute little dogs!

It didn't take Ringo long to find his best friend!

More fun!

Oh Happy Days!

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