Some of our visitors:

Jake does love his balls!

Jake and Josie playing. Josie is here for Spring Break


Ted, back for spring vacation

Nudge, Teds pal snuggling with her pal chick!

Elvira and Dolly are back for the weekend

Dolly is all set to go and explore!

Saki is back for Spring Vacation

Tazz and Saki. A nice change, a sunny day!

Nano having fun!

Tazzi and Nano

Hey, it's warm today!

Nano doesn't miss a thing!

OK, so here's what we're gonna do.....

Oakley is back for a couple of days

Maddie is here for a play date

Jax and Oreo are back!

Jax is one tough doggie!

This is an old coffee table turned over and for some reason all the dogs love to get inside. This is Tyler on the L, Jax in back with Oreo in front.

Would you believe there are four dogs in there? If there was any more room, Mabel would have gotten in too!

Is this a face to love or what??


Mabel wants to play with Tazzi

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