Some of our visitors:

Tazzi and BJ getting some play time in

Oakley and James taking a time out from playing

Jersey is back for a weekend of play time.

Bo is back too

Toby is here too. It's spitting snow so he is all decked out in a fleece coat.


Toby, Josie, and Bo playing

Jersey meets Josie

Josie likes Bo!

Josie playing

Toby found a new use for an old table of mine! It's his safe place.

Now most little doggies would be afraid of Josie, but not Toby. He is one brave little guy!

Josie loves Toby and is very careful with him

The weekend gang

Stormy day. I can't believe it was spitting snow on April 18!!
Look at those black clouds. We even have a snow advisory.

Jersey and Josie playing

It is a bit windy today so the dogs are hearing all kinds of things

Oops! Did you hear that??

Yeah, I heard it too!

Jersey loved this ball

Happy Dogs!!

Jersey in the kennel building. It's cold outside!

Tinka and Tazzi have always been best pals.

Tinka is back for springcamp sporting her
new windblown look!

Tinka and Tazzi playing

Now this isn't too spoiled is it?

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