Some of our visitors:

Andy is back. Isn't he a pretty guy?

Yep, there's fish in there. It's cold or I bet he would have jumped in.

I dare you to get my ball!

Happy Dogs!

Well, this is what we got up to this morning! There was a total of 6 inches before it started packing down. Andy thought it was great!

Andy telling me he likes snow!

Too fun!

Ummmm yummy fish water!

Andy liked running in the snow

BJ is back for some spring fun!

BJ and Sarah playing

BJ spotted the pretend pelican!

Sarah is back!

Sarah meets Nacho

Sarah, Tazzi and BJ being happy dogs!

Bo is back for a couple of days          

Bo and BJ

Zoey is back for spring camp and we actually have a sunny day!

Zoey loves all the new balls

Having fun!

Oakley came today for her spring break! She likes playing with BJ and Sarah

Oakley is back!

Happy dogs!

Ah, that sun feels good on my tummy!

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