Some of our visitors:

This is Trotter. He is difficult to get a good photo of because he is almost always playing!

Bandit with Trotter

Lucy and Trotter playing

Uh.........look who is sneaking along behind the dogs! heehe It's Princess. She isn't afraid of
the dogs at all and they kind of just ignore her. She likes being out with them though.

Happy dogs! Play time in the kennel.

Trotter and Bandit playing

This is Oscar. He is here with his kitty pal for the first time.

Bandit and Oscar making friends with Trotter behind.

I know I have said this before but it is a mystery to me why
the kitties all love to lay in their sand box when it's clean.

This is Meeko, Oscars friend checking out his new toy.
If his eyes look funny it is because I had to fix the red eye.

Oscar enjoying a rest on the grass

Bandit found this ball and had so much fun playing with it.


Trotter wants to play too! Happy Dogs!!

I just can't get a photo of Meeko without red eye. Even with my cameras red eye turned on. He is such a pretty cat too.

Meeko was walking around the kennel today. He finally made peace with the dogs.

Meeko and his pal Oscar

Oscar enjoyed the sun this afternoon.

Meeko checking out the animals on top of the crates.

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