Some of our visitors:

This is BJ in front and Kahlua in back.
They are having a good time together.

This is Vegas. It is his first time too. He is a gorgeous yellow lab.

Vegas never slows down except to sniff.

I took this just after he jumped in the pond with the goldfish!

Ahhhhhhhhh, that sun feels so good on my face!

He is still just a pup. He is going to be one powerful
dog all grown up!

Oh happy day! The sun is finally shining!!

Happy doggies!

Brody playing with BJ

Bandit and pals

BJ and Tazzi

Well, this must be weiner season because I have two more now. My darling little Elvira and Dolly, her daughter.

Dolly with Tazzi. I think Dolly is giving me the rasberries!

Oh Puh-leeze!

Dolly found her turkey toy from last time,
She really wants that drumstick!

Elvira has an eye on that ball!

Dolly trying to figure out how to get up on the crate and get that teddy bear.

Guess what? She got it!

This is Princess. She is not quite grown and loves to play.

Pretty bad when you have to lay down and bat your toys! She must be tuckered out!


This is Bandit. Isn't he a pretty Cocker?

This is Lucy!

Lucy meeting Jack

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