Some of our visitors:

Toby thought he would have lots of fun outside on his winter vacation but instead he got snow! He prefers snuggling up to his blankets!!

Snow.....uh uh, not for me thanks!

Jax playing

Jax and Oreo are here and it is still spitting snow so they are playing in the kennel building.

My heart is broken....Jax loves Tazzi

Just one little kiss my love....

Hey, over here!

Toby is having fun too!

We have a new visitor today. His name is BJ and he is a cutie.

Whatever Jack has Tazzi and BJ want it too!

Hey, they got toys here too!

We were able to get outside this morning
and Tazzi and BJ were glad to be able to look around.

Isn't he cute? Little Mr. Personality

We had some sun today so BJ was happily sunning himself.

Well, this is what little scent hounds do best!
This is BJ with his nose down a hole.

There's nothing better than tall grass, crinkly leaves, a stick and a friend on a sunny winter day~

This is Chloe. What a sweetie!

We have two new little weiners today so BJ has playmates. They are Chloe and Kahlua

Playtime in the kennel where it is warmer

Chloe decided to wear her fleece jacket as a skirt!

Kahlua likes her fleecie

This is Bandit. It is his first visit here. He is checking out all the other dogs.

Bandit is a Shitzu

Doesn't he have a cute little face?

This cute little guy is Brody. It is his first time too.

This is a four pack of Weiners!
Actually, Brody is Doxy/Pug mix.

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