Some of our visitors:

This is Sophia. She is here just for a few days. Isn't she a pretty kitty? So sweet too.

Josie is back for winter camp

Well see, I am as big as you are!
Toby meeting Brumby for the first time.

Good to meet you Josie
Toby is sure he is as big as these two big ones.

Hey, do either of you guys want to play?
Brumby and Josie get down on Tobys level to play.
They are both sweet doggies.

I don't want to come in, so there!
Little Maddie is back. Maddie and Toby are both Silky Terriers.

Josie and Brumby playing! Happy dogs!

This is Sarah. This is her first time and she is having a lot of fun. Another happy dog!

Sarah checking out the yard

Josie and Sarah
Josie really likes Sarah because she will play with her.

Bo is back! He's such a pretty guy!

Brumby, Sarah, and Bo going for a stroll in single file

Uh Oh, Brumby has a ball!!

Abby is back for a couple of days. She is such a pretty girl.

Abby and Sarah playing. Sarah really liked Abby because she was more her size and would play with her.

Abby and Sarah "on Alert"

L to R ~ Abby, Brumby, Maggie, Buddy, and Sarah
It was spitting snow here and there so the dogs are all out sniffin!

This is Blue and Sarah

Boy, it's a full house of my large doggies. These are the only ones I take care of and they are all here at once.
This is Brumby and Blue. Brumby is an Australian Cattle Dog and Blue is an Australian shepherd.

James and Jack keeping Andy company in his crate.

Andy exploring the kennel

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