Some of our visitors:

It has been so rainy and cold that it is difficult to get pictures but this is Jersey in the kennel. This is Jerseys first visit. HAPPY DOGS!!

Jersey playing with the toys in the kennel

We got a bit of sun today so the doggies were happy to play outside.

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

Tia sporting her windblown look


5, 6, 7, 8 Ready or not here I come!!

You don't think they are too spoiled do you???

Come on and play guys!

Dolly in her crate with all her toys

Maddie is back! Here she is with Tazzi sporting their new kennel coats.

This is the speed that Maddie usually travels in. She is non stop and difficult to get a photo of.

Maddie and Tazzi

This is Church being a sweetie. He is just a big ol ball of love!

Nano is back. It is very cold today so she is sporting her leather coat.

Tazzi and Tinka are the best ever friends!

Speed shot of Nano

Out for sniffin time!

Blue is back for the weekend. Look at that heavy coat. He isn't cold outside for sure!

Scooter just likes to come out and lounge in the pillows.

Why is it that even though the kitties have lots of comfy blankets to lay in they always
want to lay in the litter box when it is clean???
This pretty kitty is Scooter, back for a winter stay.

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