Some of our visitors:

This is Oakley. She is here for a trial run and will be back next weekend. Isn't she cute? Unusual markings!

This is Jerry, James and Jacks full brother.
He is here for winter camp. Can you see his smile?

Jerry (top) Jack (left) and James
These cute little guys are all littermates.

Bo and Nacho

Tinka is back for the weekend

Bo peeking in the door

This is Nano. She is here for the first time and already having fun! She loves to play with the other dogs.

Nano meeting Tinka and Tazzi

Hey, I would like to play too! Jerry likes this new girl.

Nano and Jerry

OK, who goes first???

Aw, come on, let's play

This is my show stance!

Yum, this fish water is really good!

Pals till the end
Nano and Oakley

Elvira is back. She kind of blends in with the fall leaves.

This is Dolly, Elviras daughter

Is this too cute or what???
Dolly is such a little explorer!

Tazzi and Elvira strolling

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