Some of our visitors:

Happy dogs!!
This is Josie, she just arrived and is already having fun!

Josie and Andy are already pals.

Josie and Andy

Josie wants to play with little James.

Dutchie and Tia are back!

Playing in the kennel building


Bo with new friend Dutchie.
Bo has settled in very well and has made lots of new friends. He is a good boy!

This is Bo. It is his first visit to Animal House.
Isn't he a cutie?

Hmmm, so this is where Dutchie stays...

Glory and Gracie are back for the weekend.

Gracie with Tazz and Dutchie

Glory B. Such a cutie!

If I could only fly!

Glory B, Tazzi, Gracie and Bo

Buddy and Maggie are back for a couple of weeks.

Gracie and Glory B are back for the weekend

Rainy day play in the kennel

Tazzi and Maddie playing

These silly dogs, they are all running around and I am enjoying some nice rest time.

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