Some of our visitors:

This week I have bunny visitors. Aren't they cute?

They are staying in the play yard in crates.

The bunnies are all snuggly in the covered play yard.

This is Zoey. She is here for a week.

Why do all the big dogs love to drink out of the fish pond??

Bailie meeting Zoey

Zoey found the ball!


Happy animals are what we strive for at the Animal House!

Zoey with Tazzi. Tazzi decided she likes Zoey a lot!

Brumby is here again and he has been here so often that he is showing Zoey how things work around here.

This is Albert. He is just here for the day.

Another happy doggie!

I LOVE his sweater!

Hey, are these guys real???

This is Andy. He is here for his first visit and he is a lovely dog.

Andy and Zoey are becomming fast frineds.


I couldn't resist this shot of Zoey!
She found this beat up turkey and clained it as her own.

We were out playing when we had a bit of a sun break.

It has been POURING all day today and the doggies don't want to go out. Nice and cozy in the kennel.
Here they are peeking outside.

Toby is here to spend the day and play with the doggies.

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