Some of our visitors:

Bailie, isn't she cute?

Just having a little rest in the grass.

Maddie and Bailie. It's hard to get pix of Maddie because she is always moving!

Finally got a good one of Maddie.

Rocky came to visit while we were having watercolor class.

Nyah nyah, you can't get me.....
Kind of drizzly today so the dogs played in the play yard. Maddie thought the
straw was really fun to run in.

It was rainy today so we had to play in the kennel. This way I was able to get more good pix of Maddie

She decided that this toy was her "baby"

Don't touch my baby!!

Tinka, Jax and Oreo are all here for the weekend so Bailie and Maddie have met more new friends.

Aw come on, let's play... Nacho and Oreo


Oreo and Bailie

Bailie, Oreo (in back) Jax and Nacho

OK, get in a huddle!

Wow, what was that?

Tinka strolling...

Tinka and Oreo

This photo is blurry but I love it.

Is this a wonderful photo or what??

And little Maddie...

Maddie playing with Tinka

Some of the weekend crew. Of course Tazzi oversees everything. 
L to R...Jack, Maddie, Bailie, Tazz, Oreo

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