Some of our visitors:

Oh what a beautiful da da da da la dee....

Uh oh, Maggie has the ball!

Awww, come on Maggie, give me the ball...

Doggies having fun is what we are all about!

This is Chloe. She came last night to stay the week.

Maggie really likes Chloe and wants to play.

What a little dancer she is! Just like a ballerina!

Well, I guess this is OK. I have some new friends to play with!

Jax and Oreo came today for a few days so Chloe has some new kids to play with. This is Jax.

This is Oreo. She is Jax house mate.

All the little pups getting to know each other. Even Nacho came out to meet the new friends.

This is Jax and Chloe.

Bailie and Maddie are back for the day!

Maddie is just about as tall as James

Maddie, Bailie and James

This is Maggie, she is here for the day.
She's a very sweet girl.

Little Nacho meets Blue

Its nap time at the Animal house day camp!

Blue is just a beautiful dog

Blue enjoying the shade.


All the big dogs love James and he is my smallest!

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