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I love swimmin'

Nothing like the sun in your face on a summer day
in the great Pacific NorthWest!

Frankie sneaking up on the pelican! She did catch him!

Turbo is back. He is a min pin like Tazzi and she loves him. Isn't he handsome?

Turbo is constantly moving so it is difficult to get a good photo of him.

This is Turbo with Little Maddie

Maddie, a 4 month Yorkshire Terrier and
Bailie an Australian Terrier.

Bailie and Maddie

All that action going on unnoticed!

She's so tiny, about two pounds at 4 months!

I almost couldn't find Maddie in the grass!

This little girl had so much fun playing in the grass!

This is Abby. She is an Australian Cattle dog puppy.
She is a working dog breed so is very full of energy.

She looks so cute with her nose through the wire.

This is a very clean cut breed. She is the red coloration.

I got new straw today since Buddy and Maggie are staying in the play yard and Tazzi immediately had to go and lay in it.

Buddy and Maggie are here for a few days. They are just so sweet. Buddy has decided he "needs" to be with the little guys all the time.

Who can find James in this pic??
Buddy was standing guard over him.

Buddy just loves James! He follows him everywhere!

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