Some of our visitors:

This is Tinkers first journey to the floor of the kennel.

Tinker in front of the window. A favorite spot for the kitties. He was telling me he likes it there.

Now Tinker is a BIG kitty!
He is not bothered at all by my little dogs.

Now that is indeed Tinkers crate but how in the world did he fit in it???

This is Buddy

First time outside and Buddy and Tazzi are already playing. Buddy is a very sweet little Silky Terrier.

Toby is back! He thinks we are his second home now.

This little boy is very photogenic isn't he?
What a cutie!

Scooter teasing Tazzi. He isn't afraid of my dogs at all.

Scooter playing find the kitty!

This is Scooter. He has all the comforts of home!
That is Jack in Scooters crate. He figured if the kitty didn't feel like coming out then he would go in and visit!

This is Sammy, my son and daughter in laws dog. They were here for a visit from Arizona and Sammy spent an afternoon here. In this photo she is standing in my bedroom doorway.

Can you guess why she was looking at me while she was in the doorway??? Tazzi enjoyed her visit and being cozy on my bed!


Frankie, Tootsie and Penny are back for summer camp!


James seems to always make friends

Well I don't think that Grisham book is that great!

Ah............I love summer camp!

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