Some of our visitors:

Tia and Dutchie. All the dogs love to stand on these pieces of cememt!
Toby (a Silky) and Tia (a Yorkie)

Tia and James, aren't they just too cute?

~ Memorial Day weekend 2007 ~

This is Saki with Tazzi. This is Sakis' first time here and she already has made friends with all the doggies.

Saki is a beautiful little Dachshund

This is Josie

Toby is here just for the day.

Josie meets Saki

Hey, I kind of like it here!

Yeah, you can take my picture!

They even have a swimming pool!
Nice to have on a hot day

There is lots of room to run!

I do love to run. This is my turkey toy!

New week, new boarders. This is Gus
Tazzi is so glad to have Gus back to play with.
He's grown a lot since he was last here.

Now THIS is one happy little doggie!

Hey, anyone wanna play ball?

Ah, rest time

A perfect sunny day and a good pal are the greatest!

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