June 2012
Jango was Tazzis 2nd judge            


BUDDY for most strenuous workout.....

I have no idea why everyone had to roll this morning but it must have been the sunshine and clean air because they all had to do it with great gusto. Tazzi thanked them for a good game! 

Burke is back. He loves to pretend he is "big" by standing on my outdoor chair.

Nano is here for summer camp too.

She is such a pretty dog.

We are having some really warm weather and the dogs aren't used to it. Tazzi is wilted.

Roscoe is here for summer vacation!

Lucy and Jasmine are here too!


I'm hiding, you can't see me!

Uh Oh, someone found me.



Glory enjoying the sun.   


      Trotter and Ringo are here having fun!

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