Some of our visitors:

This is Gus, a pom puppy playing withTazzi

Hey, I want up too!

Tazzi and Gus exploring

Argh, who is the big dog now??

Gus loves his toys

Tippy is a cute little Havanese. He loves being with the "pack"

Tinka is back for a couple of days!

I finally got a photo of Tias face.

Tia with Nachos "puppy"

This is Georgie. Isn't she pretty?

Beautiful day!

Tazzi, Tia and Georgie taking a walk

Scooter is back for vacation

Scooter thought this little doggie ought to at least play with hiim

If you can just reach a little farther......

Scooter and Georgie in the play yard

This is another Tia.

Dutchie is so small that the grass is nearly as tall
as she is.

Dutchie and Tia playing 

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