In the kennel this week.

Harley and Shadow

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In the kennel this week

Gina's Animal House
Located in beautiful Enumclaw, Washington
Phone: 360.802.4810

 I have always had a difficult time finding an adequate boarding facility for my dogs, one where they would receive specialized attention and love, so I decided there was a definite need for this kind of kennel and decided to start my own small animal boarding business.

Since I already had a small building on my property at the back of the house I went ahead and remodeled it and made it into a very cozy place for these special little members of your family.
At this time I only have eight oversized heavy wire crates as I want to have the time to spend with each pet every day and with a larger facility that would not be possible.

Each dog is turned out for sniffing, potty and play time five times a day in winter months and for several hours a day in the play yard in summer. I also have a large fenced lawn area for playing. The play yard is used for rainy day play if the weather is warm enough. It has deep straw covering the floor.  Every animal is handled daily to be sure that they are well and not depressed.

I have years of experience with animals, having raised Miniature horses for 20 years and caring for my own farm pets. You name it and I have probably owned one. Animals have been my life and I have extensive veterinary care experience in assisting my vet while he was caring for my animals on the farm.

At this time I am only taking small to medium size dogs. I don't have the facility to take large dogs.

I do not accept sick animals and all animals boarded must have proof of current vaccination and rabies shots.

The kennel is heated and is monitored in the house so I can watch the animals when I am there. The kennel building is locked at all times if I am gone for a while and at night. I have a large vapor light in the part of the yard where the kennel building is located. Every precaution is taken to insure the safety of your animals.

Small to medium size dogs: $15 per day. Two dogs: $25 per day for both. You are responsible to bring vaccination records and their usual food. Dogs do better if you don't switch their food when they come here.

I strive to make your pets visit a fun and happy experience. We are known for our "Happy Dogs".

Dog kennels These kennels are approx. 36 X 24,
heavy wire with plastic pans on the bottom.

Another view of the doggie kennels. All kennels have a bed with baby quilts, blankets and a stuffed animal for company.

This is where the dogs play most of the time.
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